New Volvo XC60 SUV for Sale in Escondido, CA

Volvo Cars Escondido Escondido CA

2023 Volvo XC60 - Updated for Sustainable Travel in San Diego

At Volvo Cars Escondido, this model year sees an all-new, 2023 Volvo XC60 for San Marcos shoppers to explore and test drive.

Through your exploration, noted will be the new generation of Volvo powertrain - a mild-hybrid layout never requiring a plugged-in charge. This among other updates for a holistic approach to Scandinavian luxury.

Volvo Cars Escondido Escondido CA

Mild-Hybrid Efficiency Explained

Volvo XC60 was the first Volvo luxury SUV to harbor a new form of sustainable technology.

As the midsized luxury SUV of the Volvo brood, harbored is the sustainable convenience of a mild-hybrid powertrain. In configuration, this layout harnesses spent braking energy for conversion into a viable power source.

When accelerating, that repurposed energy lends boost to the engine and saves fuel in the process. Emissions, too, are reduced so that the Vista driver may contribute to a healthier environment along the Pacific coast.

Volvo Cars Escondido Escondido CA

Google Applications Built-in

The 2023 Volvo XC60 delivers the enhanced convenience in certain Google applications built into the cabin and voice activated. This provides hands-free access and control of almost every ancillary aspect to driving the roads between Poway and Escondido, with an example provided below:

  • Say "Hey Google," and Google Assistant responds to your requests - whether ordering take-away or finding the best possible route into San Diego.
  • It's then Google Maps will direct you onto Coronado.
  • Access to Google Play allows for drive-friendly applications downloaded en-route.

New Equipment Levels

The San Marcos shopper will appreciate the new equipment levels applied to all new Volvo luxury models. There's the capacity for a client to customize and apply personal taste in the following:

  • The entry-level Core trim offers standard features.
  • Mid-range Plus enables a well-equipped XC60, usually found on the showroom floor.
  • At the high end is the Ultimate trim for the most demanding of Volvo enthusiasts.

The above details showcase the encompassing updates to every new Volvo luxury model offered Escondido.

Volvo Cars Escondido Escondido CA


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