New Volvo Electric Vehicles Available in Escondido, CA

Volvo Electric: A Masterpiece of Automotive Ingenuity

Embodying the essence of Scandinavian ingenuity, Volvo follows its commitment to the environment and sustainability and has made considerable strides with its electrified lineup for Poway guests. Four Volvo models exhibit this progressive approach-the XC90 Recharge, XC60 Recharge, V60 Recharge, and S90 Recharge. Each model maintains the hallmark attributes of Volvo-safety, elegance, innovation-while adding the element of incredible electric performance for San Marcos drivers.

Volvo Cars Escondido Escondido CA


The new Volvo C40 Recharge is a luxury crossover with the ability to earn 200+miles of pure-electric ranging past Poway. And with maintenance largely confined to brake systems and tires, the following features are also worth noting:

  • Ambient lighting is perfect for a relaxed feel to the drive past Escondido.
  • There's the palette of seven exterior colors to choose from.
  • Your rear-load capacity is measured to 14.5 cu.-ft.

Benefits to both indeed, as well as those federal tax credits and state rebate programs to enjoy.

Volvo Cars Escondido Escondido CA


The Volvo XC90 Recharge, the largest of the models, is an example of sustainability at its finest. Its plug-in hybrid design allows for an estimated range of 18 miles of purely electric driving, reducing carbon emissions substantially. This model's interior is unparalleled luxury crafted from sustainable materials such as Nordico, a textile made from recycled polyester, and accessories like wool bend upholstery and leather-free options. Notwithstanding its commitment to sustainability, the XC90 doesn't compromise on performance; it generates an impressive 400 horsepower and 472 pound-feet of torque. Its powerful electric motor and supercharged and turbocharged engine offer serious driving dynamics while following eco-friendly principles.

Volvo Cars Escondido Escondido CA


The XC60 Recharge, another impressive model in the Volvo electric lineup, retains classic Volvo design while embracing the future. Like the XC90, it delivers approximately 19 miles of pure electric power. The interior sees a sustainable makeover with a choice between leather-free material or leather sourced from farms with sustainable practices. As an SUV, it combines comfort and eco-friendliness without sacrificing performance-producing a substantial 400 horsepower.

Volvo Cars Escondido Escondido CA


The V60 Recharge, a plug-in hybrid estate, revolutionizes the segment by blending efficiency with versatility. The V60 can switch to electric mode for silent, zero-emissions travel-ideal for San Diego city life. With sustainability at its core, the interior features City Weave Textile upholstery, a sustainably sourced material that adds a stylish touch. The electric motor and petrol engine yield 455 horsepower, boasting in just 4.6 seconds. The V60 Recharge offers performance and practicality wrapped in a beautiful, eco-conscious package.

Volvo Cars Escondido Escondido CA


Volvo's approach to blending luxury and sustainability is clear in the S90 Recharge. This luxury sedan exhibits Volvo's commitment to reducing environmental impact without compromising driving pleasure around Vista. Its eAWD system allows for seamless transitions between petrol and electric power, making every journey a balanced blend of excitement and mindfulness. The S90's commitment to sustainability is further illustrated in its interior, where leather-free options or sustainably sourced leather are available. It delivers on performance, too-with a total output of 400 horsepower.

Expect Advanced Safety and Technology Features

The 'Recharge' series abides by the principle of 'newness.' Incorporating the latest technologies, superior infotainment systems integrate seamlessly with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, support voice commands via Google Assistant, and provide over-the-air software updates. Cutting-edge Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems like Pilot Assist and 360-degree camera offer added safety and convenience.

From a performance perspective, the hybrid configurations offer multiple driving modes - Hybrid mode for everyday use, Pure electric mode for zero-emission travels, Power mode for maximum performance, AWD mode for challenging road conditions, and Individual mode for customized settings.

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With the XC90, XC60, V60, and S90 Recharge models, Volvo clearly states that luxury and performance coexist harmoniously with sustainability and environmental consciousness for Escondido buyers. The result is a new era of vehicles, striking and efficient, upholding Volvo's legacy while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of what an electric car can be. Contact us today and test drive your next electric Volvo.